The Epigenetics and Cell Fate Centre is seeking to recruit two talented junior and/or senior group leaders

The Epigenetics and Cell Fate Centre is a leading institute exploring cell identity and diversity in physiological and pathological contexts. The Centre is composed of internationally recognized research groups and is affiliated with the CNRS and the Université ParisCité.Strengths of the Epigenetics and Cell Fate Centre include a genuine scientific coherence and a dynamic and[…]

Congratulations to the Weitzman team for its FRM certification as an “Équipe FRM”

Congratulations to Jonathan Weitzman’s team for being selected by the Équipes FRM program of La Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale. More informations : Results :

Intervention by Marie and Aurélie during Pint of Science 2022 «What is happening in our cells?»

On the occasion of the opening of Pint of Science 2022 on the theme “What is happening in our cells?” two members of the team will make a presentation : Marie Villares and Aurélie Richard. Their presentation “Better understanding cancer to better eliminate it?” will be held at 7:30pm and will be done in French.[…]