Seminars 2017


Please find below the list of external seminars organized at the Epigenetics & Cell Fate Centre in 2017 .

Seminars usually take place at 11:00 a.m. in room RB-18B at the Institut Jacques Monod (Buffon building), 15 rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris.

For more details, contact:

DateSpeakerInstitute, City, CountryTitleHost
01.02.2017Heng-Chang ChenCRG, Barcelona, SpainChromatin modulates HIV latencyPierre-Antoine Defossez
08.02.2017Benoît PalancadeIJM, Paris, FranceA role for introns in preventing transcription-associated genetic instabilitySophie Polo
22.02.2017Argyris PapantonisUniversity of Cologne, Germany3D genome organization under native or ageing-relevant conditionsCostas Bouyioukos
08.03.2017Marcus BuschbeckIJC, Barcelona, SpainThe histone variant macroH2A links chromatin structure and metabolismPierre-Antoine Defossez
15.03.2017Violaine St AndréInstitut Curie, Paris, FranceModels of human core transcriptional regulatory circuitriesBertrand Cosson
22.03.2017Igor UlitskyWeizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, IsraelEvolution, genomics and modes of action of long noncoding RNAs in mammalian cellsClaire Rougeulle/
Olga Rosspopoff
05.04.2017Fabien GuidezHôpital St Louis, Paris, FrancePLZF heterochromatin and retrotransposon regulation in the hematopoietic tissueJonathan Weitzman
12.04.2017Daniele FachinettiInstitut Curie, Paris, FranceThe molecular pathways that specify centromeres and contribute to their function and integrityClaire Francastel/
Giacomo Grillo
26.04.2017Julie ChaumeilInstitut Cochin, Paris, FranceNuclear organization and 3D structure of antigen-receptor loci in T cells : implications for V(D)J recombination and genome stabiSophie Polo
03.05.2017Fabrice LavialCancerology research center of Lyon, FranceBivalent signalling controls stem cells self-renewal and coordinated differentiationClaire Rougeulle
10.05.2017Michel WernerInstitute for Integrative Biology of the Cell, Saclay, FranceRegulation of genome transcription in eukaryotes: The central role of Mediator complex in pre-initiation complex assembly in vivoJonathan Weitzman
12.05.2017Suk-Min JangEPFL, Lausanne, SwitzerlandKAP1 guardian of genomic stability during DNA replicatioSlimane Ait-Si-Ali
31.05.2017Hinrich GronemeyerIGBMC, Strasbourg, FranceDynamic gene-regulatory network discovery by integration of multilevel genomics datasetsPierre-Antoine Defossez
07.06.2017Raffaela SantoroUniversity of Zurich, SwiterlandLessons from the nucleolus: Regulation of lncRNAs and nuclear architecturePierre-Antoine Defossez
28.06.2017Clément CarréIBPS, Paris, FranceCrosstalk between tRFs and sncRNA pathways in an RNA methylase mutantFlorent Hubé
05.07.2017Antoine PetersFMI, Basel, SwitzerlandChromatin dynamics and function in the mouse germ line and early embryogenesisGiacomo Grillo