Professor / Univ. Paris Cité
Equipe : Plasticité des phénotypes cellulaires
Jonathan is a professor of Genetics at the Université Paris Cité (formerly known as Université Paris Diderot) and the founding director of the Center for Epigenetics and Cell. Educated at the Universities of Manchester and Oxford, UK, he was a postdoc at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA and was a faculty member at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. Jonathan has a background in signal transduction pathways and expertise in gene regulatory networks and epigenetic contributions to disease. He is also Coordinator of the Laboratoire d’Excellence “LABEX Who Am I?” a large, collaborative and multi-disciplinary research consortium focusing on the fundamental question of the basis of identity at the molecular and cellular levels. Jonathan is also passionate about teaching and is heavily committed to training and mentoring young researchers; he directs the first-year of the European Masters’ in Genetics program at Université Paris Diderot. Jonathan teaches classes in genetics, epigenetics and stem cell biology to students of all ages, from undergraduates through to retired lay people in the Open University program at Université Paris Cité.