Bioinformatician (CDD CNRS ERC XCycle)
Equipe : ARNs non-codants, Différenciation et Développement
Téléphone : 0157278929
Pièce n°: 426

Gaël performed his doctoral research on human trophoblast stem cells in the laboratory of Dr. Laurent David at the University of Nantes, where he graduated with a Ph.D. in Cell Biology.
During this period, he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he collaborated with the team of Dr. Nicolas Rivron, working on human blastoids. Involved in multi-omics analyses, he graduated with a university degree in integrative bioinformatics (DUBii 2021) from the University of Paris (now Paris City University).
He joined the Rougeulle lab as a research engineer in bioinformatics to address dosage compensation from a computational perspective.
He enjoys visiting the world and learning about foreign cultures.


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