PhD Student / Univ. Paris Cité
Equipe : ARNs non-codants, Différenciation et Développement
Téléphone : 0157278930
Pièce n°: 422

Emmanuel is a PhD student in the Rougeulle lab where he is questioning how the rapid evolution of the non-coding genome can reshape biological processes in species on a short evolutionary time scale.
To that end he studies X Chromosome Inactivation in non-human primates closely related to human, the Rhesus monkey and Chimpanzee, since this essential biological process is controlled by non-coding players and display species specific mechanisms.

Major Publications:

Cazottes E., Rougeulle C. Straight to the X: Modeling Human X Chromosome Inactivation in hESCs by FGF Signal Blockade.Cell Stem Cell. 2020 Sep 3;27(3):352-353