Edouard MOREL
Equipe : Dynamique de la Méthylation de l’ADN des Génomes Eucaryotes
In 2017, Edouard obtained his Biology Licence at the University of Versailles. Then, he started the Cellular and Molecular Biology Master at Sorbonne University in Paris. During this first year, he joined Pierre-Antoine Defossez’s team for an internship. His work consisted of studying the effects of artificial DNMT1 inhibitors on the re-expression of the SFRP1 and MAGEC2 genes in a human cell line derived from colon cancer (HCT116). Before the 2nd year of master, he decided to do a gap year in order to improve his English level, especially his scientific English level with an internship in Christophe Badie’s team in the National Institute for Health Research in Oxford.