The purpose of the Vectorology platform is to provide to the scientific community a technological knowledge in the production of lentiviral vectors for the stable and efficient transfer of nucleic acid sequences ( gene, cDNA , Sh / miRNA).

    The Platform provides the ability to produce and / or manipulate viral vectors and share our knowledge of gene transfer.

    The Platform also allows you to manipulate any type of class 3 pathogens . 

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Operating procedures

Two levels of access:

a) Provision of technical resources alone (L3 access, equipment ± consumables).

b) Provision of technical resources with training technical staff.

Platform available to any player academia or private. Confidentiality agreement possible before the filing and examination of applications.




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Guide ‘O.G.M. en milieu confiné’ (MESR)

Guide du Haut Conseil aux Biotechnologies

Guide des risques biologiques (CNRS)