PRG Vectorology Platform

Team Leader :
Christophe HURET

The purpose of the Vectorology platform is to provide the scientific community with technological knowledge in the production of lentiviral vectors for the stable and efficient transfer of nucleic acid sequences ( gene, cDNA , Sh / miRNA).

    The Platform provides the ability to produce and / or manipulate viral vectors and share our knowledge of gene transfer.

    The Platform also allows you to manipulate any type of class 3 pathogens . 

Vectorology Plateform Manager: Christophe HURET

Operating procedure

Two levels of access:

a) Provision of technical resources alone (L3 access, equipment ± consumables).

b) Provision of technical resources with training technical staff.

Platform available to any player academia or private. Confidentiality agreement possible before the filing and examination of applications.

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