Access to our computing devices are possible only through the use of docker for the moment. Training is available upon request and is previewed on this RPBS webpage, in french (

The aims of our bioinformatics platform are to:

  • Provide access to computing ressources devoted to NGS analysis
  • Maintain and disseminate tools, pipelines and databases developed by users (RNA-seq analysis, ChIP-seq analysis, Genome-Wide Detection of Horizontal Gene Transfer events)
  • Promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge
  • Organize training

All analyses are conducted by users through docker containers and sbatch scripts.

Available docker images on the cluster with their own sbatch scripts:

  • ngs_utils_t_1_0
  • stringtie_1_2_3_t1
  • ncblacome_bam2wig_2_6_t3 
  • picard_tools_1_119_t1
  • gatk_3_5_t1
  • nc_bc_fastqc_0_11_5
  • hgtdock
  • nc_bc_samtools0_1_19
  • nc_bc_htseq
  • nc_bc_bowtie2
  • nc_bc_tophat_2_1_0