Welcome to the Epigenetics and Cell Fate Bioinformatics facility website.

Mission statement :

The UMR7216 bioinformatic platform provides and develops user-friendly, state of the art epigenomic protocols. We also maintain access to a local computing cluster and provide the teams of the UMR7216 a variety of bioinformatic related services such as technology monitoring, project-specific analyses and user-tailored, on-demand training.

The main resource for protocols, scripts and instructions for cluster use is hosted on github private repositories. Please contact Kevin Cheeseman for more information.

How to access the platform :

To discuss and set-up a project with the platform, please follow this procedure :

  1. download and fill-in the form available here.
  2. send an email to Kevin Cheeseman with the filled form enclosed.
  3. A meeting to discuss your needs will be set-up in the following days.


Access to our computing devices are possible only through the use of docker for the moment. Training  by the platform and access to training materials is available upon request.

The aims of our bioinformatics platform are to:

  • Provide access to computing ressources devoted to NGS analysis.
  • Maintain and disseminate tools, pipelines and databases developed by users (RNA-seq analysis, ChIP-seq analysis, Ribosome profiling, etc.)
  • Install and maintain containerized version of NGS tools.
  • Promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge
  • Organize training

All analyses are conducted by users through docker containers and sbatch scripts. Snakemake workflows are currently under development.