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Welcome Alix

Alix Silvert, research engineer, has joined the IPOP-UP project. They started working on March 3, and their office is located...
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New logo

Logo trials on going... Tell us what you think!
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New head of BIBS core facility

December 2019: Magali Hennion has been appointed as new head of our bioinformatics platform!
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Welcome to Bioinformatics and Biostatistics core facility


Mission statement

BiBs core facility develops user-friendly, state of the art epigenomics analysis protocols. We also maintain access to a local computing cluster and provide the teams of UMR7216 lab a variety of bioinformatic related services such as technology monitoring, project-specific analyses and user-tailored, on-demand training.

Our aims

  • Provide access to computing resources devoted to NGS analysis.
  • Maintain and disseminate tools, pipelines and databases developed by users (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq or ATAC-seq analysis, Ribosome profiling, etc.)
  • Install and maintain containerized version of NGS tools.
  • Develop analyses workflows (Snakemake and NextFlow).
  • Promote collaboration and exchange of knowledge.
  • Organize training.

The team

  • Magali Hennion, IR CNRS
  • Olivier Kirsh, assistant professor, Université de paris

How to access the platform ?

To discuss and set-up a project with BiBs core facility, please fill-in the form (odt or docx) and send it Magali Hennion. A meeting to discuss your needs will be set-up in the following days.

Access to our computing devices is possible upon request. If needed, the facility can train you. Documentation is available on our website.

Our protocols, scripts and workflows are hosted on our GitHub repository. Some of the resources are private, please provide your GitHub Username to Magali Hennion to get access.

BiBs core facility website

Please find more information on our website :

Stearing committee

  • Magali Hennion
  • Florent Hubé
  • Olivier Kirsh
  • Valérie Mezger
  • Jean-François Ouimette
  • Pierre Poulain (Institut Jacques Monod)
  • Claire Rougeulle