Lab news 2016

Oct 8th: Congratulations to Anna and Juliette for receiving prizes for best poster and best selected short talk at the 2nd Danube conference on Epigenetics!


Sept 15th: Congratulations to Salomé, Juliette and Odile for their research article entitled "Real-time tracking of parental histones revals their contribution to chromatin integrity following DNA damage" that is now out in Molecular Cell. Also check out the "Meet the author" section to learn more about Salomé & Juliette.


June 2nd: A review article on epigenome maintenance in response to DNA damage is now out in Molecular Cell.

April 26th-28th: First group retreat in sunny Montpellier combining strategic scientific discussions and fun activities. Everybody had a great time!

April 21st: Congratulations to Juliette for winning a poster prize in the Nucleotide Excision Repair session at the 10th quinquennial conference on Responses to DNA damage (Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands)!

Jan 4th: Welcome to Déborah who joined the lab as research assistant!