Lab news 2014

Nov 24th: Congratulations to Juliette for being awarded the first prize for best poster at the Young Life Scientists’ Symposium on DNA damage response in physiology and disease (Rennes, France).

Nov 15th: A new review article on damaged chromatin dynamics and transcription is now out in Experimental Cell Research.

Jul 10th: Congratulations to Juliette for obtaining a PhD fellowship from Paris Diderot University to continue as a PhD student in the lab. Well done!

Jun 2nd: A new review article on histone dynamics after DNA damage is now out in The Journal of Molecular Biology.

Mar 27th: A new review article on the role of histone chaperones in restoring chromatin structure and function after DNA damage is now out in the FEBS journal.

Mar 3rd: Florent joins the lab as lab manager replacing Siau.

Jan 6th: Odile joins the lab as a research assistant.