• Common bank of molecular tools for genome and epigenome engineering

To get access to the GENIE’s common bank of vectors, contact us.

  • Protocols, advice, and support for all applications of genome and epigenome engineering

In collaboration with other local facilities, we help with custom design to fit users’ needs, generation of necessary reagents, and validation of engineered models.

GENIE assists in determining the optimal guide sequences and/or recombination template and in designing the best-suited engineering strategy for each project, with an emphasis on easy downstream screening.

GENIE also helps to choose the best way to deliver the editing components into cells. Besides the classical transfection reagents or nucleofection available in the EDC teams, full support can be provided for lentiviral delivery systems in collaboration with the PRG vectorology platform.

  • Training of new users in CRISPR-based technologies

The course on genome editing and other CRISPR-based applications is given once a year for M2 students and other newcomers. The course can be organized on demand to small groups.

If you need to learn the basics of genome engineering and the use of CRISPR technology beyond genome and epigenome editing, contact us.

  • Testing and implementing new engineering approaches

To get the application form, contact us. Check the news section for the project submission deadline.