Lab news 2019

December 17th : Congratulations to Bea for being awarded the Janine Rouane-Crépeaux prize from the National Academy of Medicine for her work on women’s cancers. October 7th : Congratulations to Pierre for obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship from the Medical Research Foundation (FRM) September 12th : We have a new doctor in the team. Congratulations to Anna for[…]

Lab news 2018

December 1st: Sophie has been promoted research director! November 30th: Our lab has been awarded an ERC Consolidator grant. Amazing news!                                          October 18th:  A new research article from the lab is just out in Molecular Cell.                                          October 1st: Congratulations to Bea for taking up a permanent staff scientist position in the lab (CNRS[…]

Graduate School G.E.N.E.

Thanks to the joint efforts of Professors Jonathan Weitzman and Alain Zider, the Graduate School G.E.N.E has been selected for funding by the French Government through its “Investments for the Future” programme. G.E.N.E. is an excellence training consortium combining teaching and research in genetics and epigenetics.

EMBO conference

June 13th-16th : EMBO Conference on Hijacking host signalling and epigenetic mimicry during infections, held at Institut Pasteur, Paris, organized by Jonathan Weitzman and colleagues.  

New publication in Nature Communications

May 2nd : Congratulations to Valérie Mezger for her paper in collaboration with the team of Dr. Kazue Hashooto-Torii entitled “Variations in brain defects by prenatal alcohol exposure result from cellular mosaicism in the activation of heat shock signaling” published in Nature Communications.