EPI2 – “Epifluorescence Microscopy for Epigenetics”

Team Leader :


The microscopy facility is part of the UMR7216. Its access is free and reserved to the unit’s staff.
It is managed by Sandra Piquet, with the help of a steering committee composed of Claire Francastel, Véronique Dubreuil and Céline Morey.
The use of the microscopes is conditional to the completion of a training course, which is provided at the request of the user.


  • User training and support towards autonomy
  • Assistance with sample preparation and observation
  • Help with image analysis
  • Purchase and maintenance of equipment
  • Organization of demonstrations of new equipment
  • Methodological and technological watch

Areas of expertise:

  • Wide field microscopy
  • Basic image analysis
  • Automation of image analysis under ImageJ

Types of equipment:

  • 3 widefield epifluorescence microscopes for fixed material
  • 1 routine fluorescence microscope for cultured cells
  • 1 widefield visible light microscope with color camera
  • 1 workstation

Terms and conditions of use:

The conditions of use can be found in the facility charter.
The reservation of the equipment is done via the UMR7216 reservation site.
Persons wishing to access the plateau must read and sign the charter and request access from the person in charge of the plateau. A training session is mandatory before accessing the equipment reservation.