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Lab news 2019

December 17th : Congratulations to Bea for being awarded the Janine Rouane-Crépeaux prize from the National Academy of Medicine for her work on women’s cancers. October 7th : Congratulations to Pierre for obtaining a postdoctoral fellowship from the Medical Research Foundation (FRM) September 12th : We have a new doctor in the team. Congratulations to Anna for[…]

Lab news 2018

December 1st: Sophie has been promoted research director! November 30th: Our lab has been awarded an ERC Consolidator grant. Amazing news!                                          October 18th:  A new research article from the lab is just out in Molecular Cell.                                          October 1st: Congratulations to Bea for taking up a permanent staff scientist position in the lab (CNRS[…]

Lab news 2017

October 25th: Sophie has been selected to join the EMBO Young Investigator Programme: great news! October 16th: Congratulations to Sandra for obtaining the research assistant position opened by the CNRS in our research unit (microscopy platform/Polo group)! September 1st: Welcome to Beatrice who is joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. August 21st: Welcome to[…]

Lab news 2016

Oct 8th: Congratulations to Anna and Juliette for receiving prizes for best poster and best selected short talk at the 2nd Danube conference on Epigenetics! Sept 15th: Congratulations to Salomé, Juliette and Odile for their research article entitled "Real-time tracking of parental histones revals their contribution to chromatin integrity following DNA damage" that is now[…]

Lab news 2015

Dec 1st: Welcome to Sandra who joined the lab as lab manager! Oct 1st: A new review article on chromatin plasticity in response to DNA damage is now out in DNA repair. June 15th: Salomé successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Dr Adam ! May 12th: Congratulations to Anna for being awarded an international PhD fellowship[…]

Lab news 2014

Nov 24th: Congratulations to Juliette for being awarded the first prize for best poster at the Young Life Scientists’ Symposium on DNA damage response in physiology and disease (Rennes, France). Nov 15th: A new review article on damaged chromatin dynamics and transcription is now out in Experimental Cell Research. Jul 10th: Congratulations to Juliette for[…]

Lab news 2013

Sep 26th: A new publication by Salomé Adam, Sophie Polo and Geneviève Almouzni is now out in Cell. This work describes a chromatin bookmarking mechanism that licenses chromatin for transcription restart after DNA damage. Jul 12th: The lab has been awarded an ERC Starting grant. Great news! Jun 17th: Juliette Dabin joins the lab as[…]