Epigenomics Core Facility

Team Leader :

The objectives of the Epigenomic Facility are :

  • Develop techniques related to the analysis of the epigenome
  • Ensure the maintenance of available equipments
  • Train staff to use the devices
  • Peform epigenomic analysis as a service (internal/external users)



We offer support in the design, production and interpretation of epigenomic experiments, and more specifically in the analysis of DNA methylation.

Our services can be very useful to validate the data obtained using high throughput approaches such as RRBS, WGBS, 450K chips

Currently several DNA methylation analyses are available:


LUMA (LUminometric Methylation Assay)

  • Technique that allows global analysis of DNA methylation
  • Quick and quantitative method to evaluate global DNA methylation levels


MeDIP-qPCR (Methylated DNA ImmunoPrecipitation coupled with qPCR)

  • Enrichment on fragmented genomic DNA using an antibody specific for 5mC



  • Analysis and quatification of methylation level of one or more consecutive CpGs



Submitting a project

You can contact us so we can answer your questions and discuss your project together.

Please fill the project request form and send it at: laure.ferry@univ-paris-diderot.fr

Requests for services are evaluated by the steering committee to determine the feasibility of the submitted project.

The steering committee guides and advises on the most appropriate techniques for a given project.


Research et Development

In parallel to those services, we are currently developing other epigenomic analysis techniques, such as:

  • Histone mark by Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
  • DNA hydroxymethylation analysis by hydroxyMeDIP and oxBS