EMBO conference

June 13th-16th : EMBO Conference on Hijacking host signalling and epigenetic mimicry during infections, held at Institut Pasteur, Paris, organized by Jonathan Weitzman and colleagues.  

New publication in Nature Communications

May 2nd : Congratulations to Valérie Mezger for her paper in collaboration with the team of Dr. Kazue Hashooto-Torii entitled “Variations in brain defects by prenatal alcohol exposure result from cellular mosaicism in the activation of heat shock signaling” published in Nature Communications.

New publication in Genome Biology

March 15th : Congratulations to Bertrand Cosson and Alexandra Bomane for their collaborative paper with the group of William Ritchie entitled “IRFinder: Assessing the impact of intron retention on mammalian gene expression” published in Genome Biology.

New publication in Scientific Reports

Feb 10th : Congratulations to Sabrine Hédouin, Giacomo Grillo, Ivana Ivkovik, Guillaume Velasco and Claire Francastel for their paper entitled “CENP-A chromatin disassembly in stressed and senescent murine cells” published in Scientific Reports.