Christophe HURET
Lab Manager / Research Assistant (IGE Université de Paris)
Equipe : ARNs non-codants, Différenciation et Développement
Téléphone : +33 1 57 27 89 29
Pièce n°: 426

Christophe obtained his Master in ”Cellular and Molecular Biology Speciality Immunotechnologies and biotherapies” at Sorbonne University. He was recruited as engineer in David Klatzmann lab (CHU La Pitié Salpétriêre) to develop a new genetic vaccine to protect against HCV virus. In parallel, he worked on Compuvac project during 5 years to standardize different immunologic tests in order to compare different vectors (AAV, VLP, Lentivirus, DNA …).
He joined Claire Rougeulle’s team in 2011 as lab manager and works on human X inactivation during development .
In parallel, he has the responsability to manage the Vectorology platform and dispense training on lentiviral vectors production and using.
On his spare time, Christophe enjoys playing badminton and tennis. He is responsible for a scout group in his town.


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