Research assistant (ERC)
Equipe : intégrité de l épigenome
Téléphone : +33 (0)1 57 27 89 30
Pièce n°: 422

Déborah obtained her Master’s Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a focus on Biotechnologies from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) in 2015. She joined Sophie Polo’s group in January 2016 as research assistant to investigate chromatin-based mechanisms underlying transcription regulation after UVC damage.


  • Kueberuwa G., Gornall H., Alcantar-Orozco E.M., Bouvier D., Kapacee Z.A., Hawkins R.E., Gilham D.E. CCR7+ selected gene-modified T cells maintain a central memory phenotype and display enhanced persistence in peripheral blood in vivo. J Immunother Cancer, 5: 14, 2017.